Transforming Negative Emotional Patterns
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Emotional Issue
  • Emotional Balance
  • Emotional Negativity
Spiritual Connection
  • Transformation of Negativity

Saussurite is the name given to a mineral aggregate which has been formed by hydrothermal alteration (high temperature/ aqueous synthesis) of calcium or sodium bearing plagioclase feldspar. A typical resulting assemblage of minerals can include Zoisite, Epidote, Chlorite, Albite (or other sodium rich feldspar). The phrase saussuritization is the process whereby this mixture of minerals are formed. It is not recognized as a true mineral due to the varied mixture of microscopic minerals present.

The colour of this mineral aggregate ranges from pale green/grey through to a vibrant rich emerald green tone within an off white or grey base, which can give an overall mottled appearance due to the mixture of minerals present. Due to the colour is had been mistaken for a form of Jade and used to make carvings.

The frequency of Saussurite connects to the heart chakra so that one is able to become more emotionally balanced. It helps to transform negative emotional energies and patterns that would otherwise prevent one for moving on in one’s life. It gives one a positive outlook and confidence to make any changes required.

The energy of Saussurite supports the emotional body so that one can release any feelings of fear of the unknown and thus freeing one from any emotional patterns holding one back and helping one to be positive in one’s future actions.