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Search for crystals by chakra or colour. You can also search for crystals with our suggestions of crystals for healing Physical Ailments, Emotional Issues and Spiritual Connections. Please click on one of the boxes and select a single criteria for your search.

To start you off we have chosen Crystals by Colour and Purple
amazez wire wrap pendant
Soul Power and Purification
piece of amethyst
Connection to the Divine, Purification and Protection
cluster of vera cruz amethyst
Higher Dimensional Impulses
purple angeline wire wrapped pendant
Soul Connection and Soul Impression
polished slice of auralite 23
Soul Connection and Purification
cluster of purple chalcedony
Deeper Understanding of One's Life's Purpose
charoite wire wrapped pendant
Discovery of Spiritual Path
polished slice of purple jade
cut and polished lepidolite pyramid
Calming and Balancing Emotions
seven pieces of tumbled violet opal
Purification and Transmutation of Negativity
raw piece of violet flame opal
Transformation and Purification
piece of raw purpurite in matrix
Purification and Insight
deep purple tumbled stichtite
Compassion, Love and Forgiveness
piece of raw sugilite
Spiritual Protection and Purification
piece of tumbled tiffany stone
Higher Dimensional Guidance and Soul Connection
lab grown tschermigite cluster
Higher Understanding