Angel Essences

Angelic Awareness

Angel Essences

Bridge Between Our World and the Angelic Realm

These essences have been created to form an energetic “bridge” between your everyday third dimensional world and the higher dimensional “Angelic Realm” – a web of Light and Higher Consciousness. The Angel can then work with you via their individual essences to bring their positive energies into your awareness.

The Angelic Realm guided the creation of these essences as it wished to have a medium through which to bring more “Light” into the third dimensional, physical world. Each Angel chose which flower would have the right vibrational frequency to help humanity and each Angel added its own unique energy to that of the flowers during the process of making these Angel essences.

The Angels have promised to assist all those who call upon them for help and guidance. Remember this when requesting the presence of an Angel whist using the Angel Essences.

The Angelic Realm has always been called upon and seen as a source of guidance, help and inspiration. Angels work from the higher dimensional planes to manifest the “Divine Plan” and are there to support us as we align our energy to bring the Divine plan into our lives. Angels delight in helping us live according to our soul so we may look at life from the higher perspective and not just look at from our personality selves.

Every one of us has a Guardian Angel who is close by to guide and protect us through all our incarnations. They hold the energy of our soul’s vision and purpose for each lifetime in the “light” of higher awareness so we may manifest our greatest potential.

How to Use Angel Essences

Angel Essences can be used in either of two ways.

1) When inspiration is needed. Place four drops on the tongue and call for the help of the Angel you require. Repeat as necessary.

2) Take four drops, four times a day asking for the Angel energy to be “activated” with each dose until you can feel the shift in your consciousness.

Take straight from the bottle. DO NOT DILUTE.

Take essence at least ten minutes away from food or drink.