Chakra Essences

For Balance, Alignment and Healing

Chakra Essences

Chakra Essences to Clear and Balance the Chakras and Related Patterns

These essences have been created to work at a deep level with the emotional and mental issues associated with each individual chakra. Each chakra essence is a carefully selected blend of crystal, gem and flower essences that will help to open and balance the chakra as well as working on issues that are held within it.

Chakras are subtle energy points or vortices (wheels) of energy that are exchange points for energetic flow. There are seven chakras associated with the physical body and are the gateways through which the vital “Life Force Energy” can flow throughout our physical body and subtle bodies, so an energy exchange is created.

When open and balanced these seven chakras form an integrated system, operating to their optimum functioning and all being dependant on each other. Chakras become dysfunctional when negative energies, such as negative thought patterns or deeply held negative emotional patterns cause difficulties for the personality self to fully integrate the level of consciousness each chakra represents.

Choosing the Right Chakra Essence Combination for Your Personal Needs

Look through the list of issues relating to each of the chakra essences to discover which most suits your current needs and issues that you are working with at this present time.

To have an activated spiritual connection via the upper chakras we must also be fully grounded to Mother Earth. Thus the lower chakras must be first open and balanced and aligned for any higher energies to be grounded into the third dimension, and for us to be able to work with our souls chosen path for this lifetime. Therefore, it is important to work from the lower chakras, feet and base upwards, towards the third eye and crown chakras, clearing any issues and energetic blockages thus activating the life force and Kundalini energies in a methodical and balanced manner. In this way our energy is able to fully integrate and connect with that of Mother Earth and opens the channel for healing energies to flow from Mother Earth and the higher dimensions.

How To Use Chakra Essences

Place four drops on the tongue between two and four times daily. DO NOT DILUTE. Finish the whole bottle and then re-check to see whether more of that chakra essence is required or whether another essence is needed.

It is not recommended to take more than one chakra essence at any given time.

Take at least ten minutes away from food and drink.