Divine Harmony Developing Positivity

For a positive consciousness

Divine Harmony Developing Positivity

Developing Positivity

Our “energetic signature” is made up of everything we feel and think and this determines the quality of our life experience as well as the ability of our body, emotions, mind and spirit (soul) to function as an integrated “whole”. The greater the balance we can bring to our “personality self” the greater power to bring a positive change to our inner and outer worlds. We all share a “common consciousness” at the collective level and each of us contributes to this common consciousness from which our “collective reality” is created. Therefore as each of us makes the conscious choice to make our contribution to the collective, common consciousness a positive and loving one, it will be easier for everyone to experience balance and unity within their lives. This group of combination essences offer to assist with the development of positive personality qualities.

How to Use the Divine Harmony Essences

Take four drops of your chosen combination directly on the tongue two to four times daily. It is advisable for you to finish the whole bottle and then re-check to see if that particular combination is still needed or whether another combination is required

Take directly from the bottle, DO NOT DILUTE.

Take ten minutes away from food and drink.