Divine Harmony Integrating Spirit

Conscious connection of personality and soul

Divine Harmony Integrating Spirit

Integrating Spirit

An important part of our multi-dimensional being is our soul or spirit as it holds the vibration of our true essence and is the vital link with our connection to “Source”. All past life experiences, our gifts and talents and the blueprint for our optimum direction for our life are stored at the soul level. True harmony, balance and wellbeing is achieved by integrating “spirit” into our lives and the conscious honouring of the connection with our soul. Dedication and patience are needed to strengthen the link between our personality self and our soul, allowing them to work as one. The personality self must open-heartedly accept the soul as it guiding force, as the soul is love and views life from a higher perspective, not through the polarity conscious life the personality self normally lives by. When the personality self makes and honours the alignment with soul, untold possibilities can open up. The combinations in this group are designed to help strengthen the connection between the personality self and soul and thus help to bring about a greater degree of Divine Harmony.

How to Use the Divine Harmony Essences

Take four drops of your chosen combination directly on the tongue two to four times daily. It is advisable for you to finish the whole bottle and then re-check to see if that particular combination is still needed or whether another combination is required.

Take directly from the bottle, DO NOT DILUTE.

Take ten minutes away from food and drink.