Light Body Essences

High vibrational essences to help activate your Body of Light

Light Body Essences

Extremely High Frequency Finely Tuned Tools for Light Body Activation

These essences are high vibrational tools to help us to clear, activate and finely tune our energy fields to help develop our “Light Body” or “Mer-Ka-Ba”. The Light Body essences have been created by a process that is unique which includes crystal grid layouts that use crystals which have been programmed with Light Body information by the Sirians at the fall of Atlantis, and channelled “Rays” of energy from the “Ascended Masters”.

Light Body essences activate rapid, powerful cleansing throughout all dimensions. The powerful Light Body essences provide the exact energy required to support us as we look to assimilate high vibrational frequencies of Light into our energy fields. These essences will help you to clear and balance a particular subtle body or energy centre, bringing you closer to being able to activate your Light Body.

Mer-Ka-Ba which means Light, Spirit, Body, is used as the term which describes the result of the fusion of these three elements and occurs naturally when our physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies are fully resonating with Love and Light. When this happens, our spiritual development is at a level where it is possible to activate our Mer-Ka.Ba or Light Body.

The shape of this body of Light is a Star Tetrahedron and it then becomes our vehicle for multi-dimensional travel. Our ability to activate our Light Body will be dependant on our individual ability to allow all our subtle bodies and energy fields to resonate completely with the higher consciousness vibrational frequencies of Love and Light.

How to Use Light Body Essences

Initially four drops on the tongue once per day, note the effects.

If guided to do so, use four drops, two times per day. Do not exceed this dosage unless specifically guided.

Take straight from the bottle. DO NOT DILUTE.

Take at least ten minutes away from food and drink.

Please note that Light Body Essences are not recommended for children under 16 years of age.