Platonic Solid Essences

Reminders of your physical blueprint

Platonic Solid Essences

These essences have been created using the five platonic solid shapes to act as powerful reminders to the physical body of it’s original blueprint or matrix. They work at a subtle energy level to restore the balance and order accordingly to the current blueprint for the expansion of human consciousness.

To gain a greater understanding of “life” ancient mystery schools studied sacred geometry. The five platonic solids are the building blocks of life and together with the sphere, the five shapes are the individual component parts of “Metatron’s Cube”, which is also part of the “Flower of Life” pattern from which all forms of life are created. Each platonic solid is connected to an elemental energy.

Guideline on How to Use the Platonic Solid Essences

It is best to dowse or intuit as to which Platonic Solid Essence will be of greatest benefit to you.

For essences other than the Inner Light Essence – for adults, take four drops on the tongue, three to four times daily. However those who are “sensitive” might prefer four drops, two or three times daily as a better dosage regime.

For the Inner Light Essence start taking four drops on the tongue twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. This can then be increased to three or four times daily if desired. Best results are obtained by constituent usage over a period of time. The Inner Light Essence is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER TWELVE YEARS OF AGE


Take at least ten minutes away from food or drink.