Self Acceptance Essence

Product ID: ESDH0034

Self Acceptance Essence

Restoring Unconditionality

The language of the heart is unconditional love and our souls understand this language. Our personality self and our soul therefore communicate via our heart chakra and not via our mind. At present our “default setting” for communication with our inner selves and others is not unconditional love, which therefore acts as a block, stemming from our inability not to be non-judgmental or accepting of ourselves unconditionally. We block the love and light of our soul reaching our personality self when we deny that we are worthy of love. This combination essence gently helps to dissolve our lack of self acceptance, which allows for a greater degree of unconditional love for ourselves to be promoted, and thus opens the channel for us to be able to commune with our soul.

Indications – Those who require help to establish greater self-acceptance & self-love. Dissolving judgment and opens the heart chakra to receive love.

Combination of Danburite, Green Calcite, Chrysoprase, Rhodonite, Sweetheart Rose and Ruby Red Rose

  • The bottle contains 25 ml of essence

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