Tanzan Aura

Tanzan Aura
Soul Connection
Tanzan Aura
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
  • Soul Star
Physical Ailment
  • Brain Disorders
Emotional Issue
  • Stress
  • Worry
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Higher Guides
  • Connection to Higher Self or Soul
  • Emotional Belief Patterns - Release
  • Psychic Ability

Tanzan Aura or Tanzine Aura is an enhanced form of Quartz that has undergone a special treatment process whereby the surface of the Quartz has been bonded with vapourized indium, niobium, gold and other trace metals. This results in the characteristic vivid violet-blue base colour and the beautiful iridescent “flashes”. It is one of the increasing range of Aura Quartz.

The frequency of Tanzan Aura connects to the third eye, crown and Soul Star chakras. It stimulates and opens the third eye and crown chakras allowing for increased psychic abilities and for a connection to be made with the higher dimensions.

Through the connection to the Soul Star it opens one’s consciousness to allow one’s soul to integrate and for one’s soul’s love to permeate the whole of one’s being. Thus Tanzan Aura can raise one’s vibrations to aid one in communicating with higher dimensonal beings such as angels, guides and the ascended masters.