Mental and Intellectual Awareness
Associated Chakras
  • Solar Plexus
  • Crown
Physical Ailment
  • Brain Balance
  • Physical Wellbeing
Emotional Issue
  • Mental Stability
Spiritual Connection
  • Inner Vision

Thaumasite is a fairly rare complex hydrated mineral. The colour range is from clear/colourless to pale yellow/gold.

The frequency of Thaumasite connects to the solar plexus and crown chakras. It stimulates the crown chakra allowing one to expand one’s awareness so that one’s intellect is open to receive higher knowledge and thus increases one’s mental capabilities.

Via the solar plexus chakra this crystal allows one to consciously be aware of one’s physical “state” and thereby helping one to control issues relating to one’s physical wellbeing and mental attitudes.

Thaumasite helps one with inner vision and clarity of mind so that one is able to comprehend issues and obtain solutions to problems for one’s highest good.