Overcoming Past Negative Issues
Associated Chakras
  • Solar Plexus
  • Crown
Emotional Issue
  • Negativity - Overcoming
  • Self - Understanding
Spiritual Connection
  • Protection - Negativity
  • Protection - Psychic
  • Protection Spiritual
  • Purification - Energetic
  • Self Awareness

Tinaksite is the name of a mineral that is composed of the elements titanium, sodium, potassium and silicon and whose chemical symbols have been used to derive its name. It forms as needle-shaped radiating crystals and the usual colour range is golden/yellow/orange/brown. It is from Siberia and is often found in association with Charoite.

The frequency of Tinaksite connects to the solar plexus and crown chakras helping to activate and cleanse these chakras, so that one is able to more clearly understand the importance of being able to have a strong sense of ‘self’ and for one to make the right decisions required of one to move forward.

This crystal aids one when one wishes to move forward and no longer dwell, or reflect on past negative behaviours or failures. It gives one a positive, supportive boost by allowing one to dispel negative thoughts and emotional patterns that are stopping one from overcoming past issues.

This unusual crystal can support one on a mental level aiding inspiration and the creation of ideas help one on one’s path.

The energy of Tinaksite offers one a protective energetic ‘barrier’ helping to deflect negativity and invasion of ones privacy.

When combined with Charoite the two crystals work synergistically to help to dispel negativity and to purify ones’s energy fields.