Higher Understanding
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Spiritual Connection
  • Higher Perspective
  • Inner Vision

Tschermigite is an ammonium alum mineral which does occur naturally, however the pieces we have on the website are crystals of an ammonium alum grown in a laboratory. These pieces are a deep purple to deep purple red in colour and have been grown to form either chunky crystals on a matrix or a cave-like geodic form reminiscent of Amethyst geodes.

The frequency of laboratory grown purple Tschermigite connects to the third eye and crown chakras, helping one with one’s inner vision. This aids one in having a greater understanding and to bring clarity to one’s life’s experiences and viewing these experiences from a higher perspective. This in turn allows one to have a clearer picture of what one requires to do to move forward on the path one needs to walk to fulfil one’s goals.

Although this is a crystal grown under controlled laboratory conditions it contains the same chemicals compounds found in naturally occurring Tschermigite.