Universal Love and Compassion
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
Physical Ailment
  • Physical Healing
Emotional Issue
  • Emotional Balance
  • Emotional Trauma
Spiritual Connection
  • Compassion
  • Inner Peace
  • Insight
  • Universal Love

Vivianite is an hydrated iron phosphate mineral, sometimes with trace manganese, magnesium and calcium. Colourless but quickly oxidizes to a characteristic deep blue and blue/green colouration.

The frequency of Vivianite connects to the heart and third eye chakras. It opens, cleanses and strengthens the heart chakra so that one is able to acknowledge and release deeply held negative energies, emotional traumas or wounds, allowing one to be open to receive the love of the Universe.

It cleanses one’s emotional body so that one has a heart centred awareness and compassion for all.

This stone helps to clear blocks within the third eye chakra, removing negative energies so that one has clarity of thought and increased insight.

Vivianite emanates a peaceful energy, supporting one during meditation and integrating this energy into one’s consciousness so that one is then able to radiate an inner peace at all times.