White Calcite

White Calcite
Insight and Energetic Purification
White Calcite
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Physical Ailment
  • Energy Flow
  • Physical Wellbeing
Emotional Issue
  • Emotional Release
  • Forgiveness
Spiritual Connection
  • Insight
  • Purification - Energetic

White Calcite is a calcium carbonate, vitreous white or colourless, translucent or transparent (often containing rainbows). A white form from Kansas in the United States of America is known as Merkabite Calcite.

The frequency of white Calcite connects to all of the chakras but especially the crown chakra. It helps to clear stagnant and blocked energies from one’s energy fields. It stimulates the third eye chakra bringing increased insight and clarity to one’s consciousness.

The energy of White Calcite has a purifying effect on one’s chakric system and energy fields so that one’s energy is vibrating at a high level and thus helps with one’s physical wellbeing.

White Calcite aids one to acknowledge and release self-limiting beliefs that are preventing one from moving forward and increasing one’s optimism. Thus allowing one to align with the spiritual part of one’s being which can help to forgive oneself, or others, and move on without resentment.