White Jade

White Jade
Higher Dimensional Connections
White Jade
Associated Chakras
  • Crown
  • Casual Vortex
  • Soul Star
  • Stellar Gateway
Spiritual Connection
  • Consciousness - Opening
  • Higher Dimensional Awareness
  • Insight
  • Souls Impulses

White Jade is a form of Nephrite Jade, a calcium magnesium silicate mineral, its colour being white, off-white to cream.

Jade is found as two distinct mineral types:

  • Nephrite – a calcium magnesium silicate mainly coloured deep green, creamy brown, black or white.
  • Jadeite – a sodium aluminium silicate mainly coloured leaf to emerald green, blue/green, black/green to black or lavender/purple.


The frequency of white Jade connects to the crown and upper transpersonal chakras, opening and activating these chakras so that one’s consciousness is open to receive information and guidance from the higher dimensions.

White Jade  connects one to higher vibrational energies to have a higher dimensional awareness. Increasing one’s insight and helping one to act on one’s intuitive “prompts”.

The energy of this white form of Jade allows one to consciously connect to one’s soul’s impulses, so that one lives a more “spiritual” life, acting in accordance with higher energies and “seeing” the “bigger picture” of life experiences.