Crystal and Gem Essences

Crystal and Gem Essences have been created to help our bodies energy systems to become balanced and to hold more "Light" energy. The crystals and mineral kingdom, as with all life on Mother Earth , has a "consciousness" and has unique gift that help with the development of the "Divine Plan of … [Read more...]

Platonic Solid Essences

Platonic Solid Essences have been created using the five platonic solid shapes to act as powerful reminders to the physical body of it's original blueprint or matrix. They work at a subtle energy level to restore the balance and order accordingly to the current blueprint for the expansion of human … [Read more...]

Light Body Essences

Extremely High Frequency Finely Tuned Tools for Light Body Activation Light Body Essences are high vibrational tools to help us to clear, activate and finely tune our energy fields to help develop our "Light Body" or "Mer-Ka-Ba". The Light Body essences have been created by a process that is … [Read more...]

Angel Essences

Bridge Between Our World and the Angelic Realm Angel Essences have been created to form an energetic "bridge" between your everyday third dimensional world and the higher dimensional "Angelic Realm" - a web of Light and Higher Consciousness. The Angel can then work with you via their individual … [Read more...]

Divine Harmony Essences

Divine Harmony Essences have been created to produce powerful, deep acting combinations that are specifically designed "tools" to help us support our inner energetic processes during the exciting and often challenging times of expanded consciousness. Each combination is carefully selected blend of … [Read more...]

Pure Vibrations Spray Essences

Energetic Support and Positive Vibrational Alignment Pure Vibrations Spray Essences have been specially created to offer an instant energetic support to help you maintain a positive vibrational alignment, regardless of what challenges you are facing. Pure Vibrational Spray Essences work very … [Read more...]

Archangel and Ascended Master Essences

Archangel and Ascended Master essences have been created to be vibrationally attuned to the consciousness of each of the individual Archangels and Ascended Master. These essences act as doorways to the higher dimensions and will help you link to the "web of Light" and higher consciousness of the … [Read more...]

Chakra Essences

Chakra Essences to Clear and Balance the Chakras and Related Patterns Chakra essences have been created to work at a deep level with the emotional and mental issues associated with each individual chakra. Each chakra essence is a carefully selected blend of crystal, gem and flower essences that … [Read more...]