Llanite is the name given to a form of rhyolitic igneous rock found in Llano county, Texas in the United States of America. It is sometimes also referred to being a form of Texan Que Sera and is also known as Vulcanite. Llanite comprises of Quartz inclusions, Microcline and Plaglioclase … [Read more...]


Creative Endeavours

Peristerite is a form of Plagioclase Feldspar which are sodium, calcium, aluminium silicate minerals. The variety of Peristerite described in this article is an deep amber/gold to gold/brown coloured mineral which displays the Schiller effect (schiller being german for "twinkle") as with all … [Read more...]

K2 Stone

Insight and Higher Awareness

K2 Stone is the name given to a newly discovered stone found in the foothills of the second highest mountain on Earth, K2 in the Karakoram mountain range which borders Pakistan and China. K2 Stone is a combination stone characterized by vivid blue or green "spots" in a mottled granite matrix. There … [Read more...]

Snakeskin Agate

Kundalini Energies

Snakeskin Agate is the name given to a pale creamy yellow/beige, semi-translucent variety of Agate, a form of Chalcedony (silicon dioxide) from India. It is characterized by external, surface crazed markings and patterns that resemble a those of a snake's skin. The frequency of Snakeskin Agate … [Read more...]