Understanding and Knowing of 'Truth'

Pinolite, also referred to as Pinolith and Flower Stone is a combination stone comprising of Magnesite, Graphite and Dolomite. It is has characteristic white 'pine-like' or 'flower like' structures of Magnesite and Dolomite in a dark grey/black Graphite matrix. Its name is derived from 'pino' … [Read more...]


Emotional Support and Emotional Healing

Greenlandite is the name given to a green coloured combination stone comprising of a mixture of compacted grains of Quartz (silicon dioxide) known as Quartzite and green Fuchsite, a Chromium based mineral. It is similar in appearance to Green Aventurine however the Quartzite produces a 'streak … [Read more...]


Positivity and Higher Understanding

Arfvedsonite is a rare amphibole mineral containing Sodium and Iron within its formula. Amphiboles are inosilicate minerals which form as needle-like or prismatic crystals often containing the elements of Iron and or Magnesium within the compound. Amphibolitic colours include, white, yellow, green, … [Read more...]


Self-Control and Personal Power

Anthophyllite is a magnesium, iron inosilicate hydroxide, an amphibole mineral. It can exhibit gold/bronze/brown coloured 'flecks' within a dark black/brown igneous rock based matrix. Anthophyllite, along with Gedrite, are two of the mineral components found in the stone from Greenland known as … [Read more...]