Healing Properties Q

Healing Properties of Crystals beginning with Q including Quartz

Uplifting and Loving Energies
Soul Expression and Communication of Truth
Emotional Healing, Communication and Protection
Angel and Soul Connection
Speaking One's Truth
Purification and Grounding
Crystalline Computer and Akashic Records
Balance of Energy
Healing, Amplification and Programming Energy Patterns
Higher Consciousness Awakening
High Vibrational Connection and Grounding
Energetic Healing
Attunement to the Devic Realms
Spiritual Knowledge
Raising One's Vibrational Energy On All Levels
Healing on All Levels
Balance and Polarity
Soul or Higher Self Awareness
Multi-Dimensional Healing
Connection To The Higher Dimensions and One's Soul's Impulses
Rapid Energetic Response
Inner Peace and Harmony
Higher Consciousness Awakening
Light Energy and Heart Centred Awareness
Grounding and Protective Energies
Inner Illlumination
Multi - Dimensional Healing
Balanced Emotions and Energy
Unconditional Divine Love, Love and Emotional Healing
Stimulating and Energy Acceleration
Spiritual Truth and Enlightenment
Shamanic Journeys
Psychic Abilities, Clarity and Insight
Energetic Balance
Grounding and Protection
Purity of Thought
Harmonizing One's Being
Universal Love
Creativity and Passion
Spiritual Protection and Purification
Purification and Balance
Positivity and Magic
Higher Perspective