Healing Properties T

Healing Properties of Crystals beginning with T

Protection from Negativity
Soul Connection
Integration of Mind and Heart
Expansion of Energy and Awareness
Heart-Centred Emotions
Expansion of Awareness and Energy Flow
Confidence, Strength of Will and Manifestation
Expanded Awareness and Light Body Awakening
Divine Love and Light
Mental and Intellectual Awareness
Heart Centred Awareness
Safe and Secure in Physical Vehicle
Higher Dimensional Guidance and Soul Connection
Stamina, Strength and Grounding
Balance and Strength
Balance and Insight
Balance and Security
Focussed Intent, Communication and Manifestation
Focussed Mind and Communication
Focussed Intention and Truth
Personal Intent and Manifestation
Love and Emotional Balance
Heart and Emotional Healing
Purification and Protection
Psychic Ability
Acceptance of Self on All Levels, Grounding and Purification
Loving Expression of Truths
Emotional Healing
Universal Heart
Higher Knowledge and "Knowing"
Opening One's Consciousness and Absolute Trust
Heart Healing and Consciousness