Grounding, Protection and Stabilizing

Obsidian is the name given to a silica rich volcanic rock, glassy in appearance being either clear or opaque, whose base colour range is black, dark grey to dark brown. Obsidian glass can contain various mineral deposits or have a banding/layered effect due to the different rates of the cooling of … [Read more...]

Merkaba Meditation

Here is a merkaba meditation using a crystal merkaba as the focal point to help your consciousness to enter the meditative state. Holding the crystal merkaba in your hands, close your eyes and take deep breaths, concentrating of each breath, feeling the in-breath and feeling the out-breath, feel … [Read more...]

What Are Subtle Bodies

What are subtle bodies? Subtle bodies are layers of energy that are part of, and extend beyond, the physical body into the higher dimensional planes of consciousness. The subtle bodies form an integrated energy system that is part of our multi-dimensional being. There are 7 distinct layers, the … [Read more...]

Vogel Wand and Star Vogel

Vogel Wand and Star Vogel, what are they? Vogel wands were the vision of Marcel Joseph Vogel and are shaped according to the Tree of Life of the Kabbala and have specific energetic vibrations or frequency. The shape and angles of the vogel wands are precise in their purpose. The wider end is … [Read more...]

Healing Triangle

Healing work to help support others comes from one's soul's level of consciousness, so that at the start of any healing session it is good practice to set an intention and to form a healing triangle. Setting an Intention Setting an intention at the start of a healing session will set the … [Read more...]

Quartz Metaphysical Crystals

Quartz metaphysical crystals come in many shaped guises! The great crystalline teachers that are helping humanity to raise it's consciousness to the higher dimensions are referred to as the Master Crystals which we have written about separately. However, there are other Quartz formations with … [Read more...]

How to Use a Pendulum

Here is an example on how to use a pendulum. Dowsing with a pendulum is a method of divination to obtain a simple YES or NO answer or response to a specific question made verbally or silently via thought. The positive or negative response obtained from a pendulum is the 3rd dimensional … [Read more...]

Male and Female Crystal Points

What is the Difference Between Male and Female Crystal Points? Male Crystal Points A male crystal point is the name given to a Quartz point that is completely or almost completely clear in appearance. The energy is strong, masculine and energizing. They can be used to activate or … [Read more...]

Etheric Tears or Breaks

Etheric tears or breaks are negative vortices that form within one's etheric body and can be caused by direct physical injury, surgery, shock, or by base (root) chakra issues. It is important that the etheric body is whole. Any tears will cause energy to 'leak' from the etheric body which … [Read more...]

Crystal Formations and Shapes

What are the various types of crystal formations and shapes, are they natural or enhanced by man? Crystals can be found in many shapes and forms, many are natural formations such as clusters and points, others such as eggs and spheres have been crafted by man. All are valuable "tools" for us to … [Read more...]