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We have been open for more than 13 years offering a very personal service and are always very happy to help. The wide range of gemstones we have available for you to buy have all been carefully selected by us for their quality and of course their inherent healing properties and beauty. The majority of pieces are unique and presented with individual representative photographs and descriptions.

So please start browsing and enjoy your journey…

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Crystals and Crystal Healing Information Guides

We have a extensive collection of information guides and articles written by ourselves expressing our thoughts, feelings, interpretation and understanding. You can find out more by looking in our section About Crystals where you will find a comprehensive A to Z which lists the energetic properties of a wide range of healing crystals.

Also available are various search facilities enabling you to search by name or by chakra, colour, physical ailment, emotional issue or spiritual connection all offering suggestions for you to ponder……

Featured Guides

piece of raw Amblygonite
Control Personal Power and Positive Perception

Amblygonite is a fluorophosphate mineral which has a relatively high Lithium content. An opaque to semi-transparent crystal whose colour can range from colourless to off white/creamy, ... Read more

piece of raw kunzite
Divine Love and Emotional Healing
Kunzite is a form of Spodumene, a lithium aluminium silicate. Its colour can range from pale pink to pale violet. It is closely related to Hiddenite a green/green yellow form ... Read more
piece of danburite with rainbows
Connection to the Higher Dimensions
Danburite is a calcium borosilicate, often colourless or white but can also be pale pink or yellow. Characteristically it exhibits chisel-shaped terminations.This crystal ... Read more
piece of raw carnelian
Courage and Confidence
Carnelian is an orange/red coloured type of Chalcedony, a silicon dioxide mineral composed of sub-microscopic particles of Quartz, whose colour ranges from pale orange to deep ... Read more