Crystals for Healing

Welcome to Soulful Crystals, an on-line healing crystals shop where you will receive a very personal service. We have a wide, constantly changing range of healing crystals and minerals from all areas of Mother Earth. Many of the healing crystals displayed are ‘one offs’, with individual, representative photographs and descriptions. Here at Soulful Crystals we have a comprehensive selection of tumblestones, many with sized options to meet your individual needs.

Crystals Shop

All the healing crystals in our crystals shop are presented and displayed in an “easy to find” format within various categories, all having detailed photographs and descriptions, which we hope will be of interest…….

Crystal Healing Information Articles

Soulful Crystals has an extensive range of crystal healing information articles, written by ourselves, which cover many topics relating to healing crystals and crystal healing.

Soulful Crystals has a comprehensive Crystals A-Z  listing the energetic properties of specific healing crystals. Detailed, pictorial guides on Master crystals, crystals with specific metaphysical qualities, crystal skulls, Platonic solids and many more….

Find out how to activate, cleanse and programme crystals or how to choose a crystal for yourself or others. Discover what chakras, subtle bodies and auras are.

Open and balance chakras and align subtle bodies using crystal energy healing techniques…..

Soulful Crystals has various search facilities to enable you to find the perfect crystal to meet your needs. You can search by crystal name, chakra, colour, or by physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Each search offering suggestions for you to ponder….