Vibrational Healing Essences

Vibrational healing essences are perfect tools to help bring about positive changes within one's energy fields to balance and align energy and thus bring harmony to all levels of one's "Being". How do vibrational healing essences work? Essences are made from the vibrational energies of … [Read more...]

Choosing Crystal Gem and Flower Essences

Choosing an Essence It is important to remember when choosing crystal gem and flower essences that it is the “underlying issue” rather than the “symptom” that is the basis for your choice. It is best to initially work with the issues that are most obvious, as further issues are ofter revealed … [Read more...]

Healing Crystals – What Are They

Healing Crystals What Are They and How do They Work Healing crystals is the term given to crystals, gemstones and minerals that have been used by many cultures down the millennia for the practise of crystal healing, crystal healing layouts or crystal healing grids. The essence of crystal … [Read more...]

Vera Cruz Amethyst

Higher Dimensional Impulses

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a type of Amethyst from Vera Cruz in Mexico. It forms as small, often double terminated points and the colour range is very pale mauve, pale lavender, pale purple to pale violet, often the colour being most obvious at the tip of the terminations. The frequency of Vera Cruz … [Read more...]


Discernment and Inner Knowing

Hypersthene is a magnesium, iron silicate mineral, the colour range being black, grey/black, brown/black to deep bronze/black and displays a characteristic pleochroism, whereby the colours displayed can appear to change when viewed in certain light. The frequency of Hypersthene connects to the … [Read more...]