Soul's Energy Connection
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Physical Ailment
  • Brain Balance
  • Brain Disorders
Emotional Issue
  • Fear-based Emotions
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Higher Dimensions
  • Soul Connection
  • Souls Energy

Barite or Baryte is a barium sulphate crystal which is often found as tabular or rosette formations. It can be colourless, white, blue, green, yellow or reddish brown. It can be found in association with Cerussite and another member of the Baryte group of minerals is Celestite.

The frequency of Barite connects to the third eye and crown chakras. It opens, activates and cleanses these chakras so that one’s consciousness is open to higher dimensional energies for healing and guidance.

Barite helps one to open and expand one’s consciousness to connect and align with ones soul’s energy, thus allowing one to move forward and be in alignment with ones soul’s journey for this lifetime.

The energy of this crystal helps one to release emotional, fear-based patterns that are no longer serving one, thus clearing one’s energy fields of negative, discordant energy.

Baryte can help with brain function and balance allowing one to be able to retain information thus supporting one’s memory. It can aid with degenerative issues concerning the brain.