Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz
Focussed Mind and Communication
Blue Topaz
Associated Chakras
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
Physical Ailment
  • Migraine
  • Throat Sore
  • Thyroid
Emotional Issue
  • Communication
Spiritual Connection
  • Communication - Higher Dimensions
  • Insight
  • Psychic Ability

Blue Topaz is an aluminium silicate fluoride hydroxide mineral. The common colour range for Topaz is from colourless to blue, pink, gold, orange, and brown, then to the rarer red and pale green.

Blue Topaz in its natural form is a pale or light blue, blue/grey or blue/green colour. Sometimes colourless Topaz is irradiated by man to produce a more intense blue-coloured form.

The frequency of Blue Topaz connects to the throat and third eye chakras. It opens and activates the throat and third eye chakras so that one may communicate one’s thoughts, insights and knowledge to others.

This crystal helps one to communicate with higher dimensional beings to receive guidance and knowledge that will help one with one’s psychic abilities and insight for oneself and others.

The energy of this blue form of Topaz clears the throat chakra so that one can clearly communicate one’s thoughts and ideas to others in a focussed way, thus allowing one to communicate one’s inner truths. Its energy aids one with mental processing and verbal skills.

Blue Topaz  has a calming and soothing energy that can help with sore throats and issues connected to the throat and neck area. It can also help with migraines.