Upper Chakra Expansion and Ascension
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
  • Casual Vortex
  • Soul Star
  • Stellar Gateway
Emotional Issue
  • Acceptance of Physicality
Spiritual Connection
  • Ascension
  • Communication - Higher Dimensions
  • Expanded Awareness

Brookite is a rare Titanium Dioxide mineral that forms in metamorphic rock. It can be found as either small chunky dark charcoal/black/grey pieces or as very thin pieces that are deep browny/gold in colour. If it is from a location in Arkansas in the USA is can be know as Arkansite.

Another Titanium Dioxide mineral is Anatase.

The frequency of Brookite connects to the third eye, crown and upper transpersonal chakras. It activates the upper chakras allowing for an expanded awareness and to connect one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions and the beings of “Light” who reside there.

The high vibrational energy of this rare crystal helps to raise/increase one’s own vibrations so one can recognize one’s real nature as a “Light Being” and thus help one with the Ascension process.

Brookite grounds “Light” energy into the third dimension.