Brown Tourmaline

Brown Tourmaline
Acceptance of Self on All Levels, Grounding and Purification
Brown Tourmaline
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Blood - Purify
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lymphatic system
Emotional Issue
  • Addiction
  • Self - Abuse
Spiritual Connection
  • Acceptance of Self on All Levels

Brown Tourmaline which is also known as Dravite is a complex of aluminium borosilicate, the colour being shades of a fairly deep brown. Another darker form of Tourmaline is Black Tourmaline also know as Schorl.

The frequency of Brown Tourmaline is connected to the base and heart chakras. It allows one to ground energies and to discover the parts of one’s being that are kept hidden, which are the emotional aspects of negative issues that need to be acknowledged and released if one is to really move forward on one’s path.

The heart chakra connection allows one to see the hidden emotions and help to raise their low vibrations replacing them with the higher vibrations of love and compassion.

Brown Tourmaline cleanses, soothes and calms the physical and emotional bodies allowing one to become centered and at ease with oneself and thus accepting oneself on all levels of one’s being.