Healing Properties T

Healing Properties of Crystals T including some which are perfect for the mind and heart Tanzanite, Tektite, Topaz and Tourmaline.
Or By
piece of raw tantalite
Protection from Negativity
a tanzan aura cluster
Soul Connection
piece of raw tanzanite
Integration of Mind and Heart
pieces of raw of Cherry and Emerald Tanzurine
Emotional Balance
seven pieces of tektite
Expansion of Energy and Awareness
piece of darwinite tektite
Heart-Centred Emotions
pice of irgusite tektite
Expansion of Awareness and Energy Flow
natural libyan gold tektite
Confidence, Strength of Will and Manifestation
piece of tibetan tektite
Expanded Awareness and Light Body Awakening
piece of tumbled terraluminite
Divine Love and Light
piece of raw thaumasite
Mental and Intellectual Awareness
pieces of tumbled thulite
Heart Centred Awareness
example of a thunder egg
Safe and Secure in Physical Vehicle
piece of tumbled tiffany stone
Higher Dimensional Guidance and Soul Connection
pieces of tumbled tiger iron
Stamina, Strength and Grounding
carved tigers eye skull
Balance and Strength
seven pieces of tumbled blue tigers eye
Balance and Insight
red tigers eye wire wrapped pendant
Balance and Security
Polished piece of Charoite and Tinaksite
Overcoming Past Negative Issues
seven pieces of raw titanite
Mental Clarity and Focus
beautiful titanium aura cluster
piece of raw clear topaz
Focussed Intent, Communication and Manifestation
natural piece of blue topaz
Focussed Mind and Communication
clear topaz natural point
Focussed Intention and Truth
natural imperial topaz points
Personal Intent and Manifestation
tumbled pieces of pink topaz
Love and Emotional Balance
piece of raw bi colour tourmaline
Heart and Emotional Healing
piece of raw black tourmaline
Purification and Protection
natural blue tourmaline point
Psychic Ability
seven pieces of tumbled brown tourmaline
Acceptance of Self on All Levels, Grounding and Purification
piece of raw green tourmaline
piece of raw paraiba tourmaline in matrix
Loving Expression of Truths
piece of raw pink tourmaline
Emotional Healing
piece of rough red tourmaline
Universal Heart
piece of raw tremolite
Higher Knowledge and "Knowing"
quartz termination showing trigonics
Opening One's Consciousness and Absolute Trust
seven pieces of tumbled triplite
lab grown tschermigite cluster
Higher Understanding
piece of raw tugtupite in matrix
Heart Healing and Consciousness
seven tumbled pieces of turquoise