How to Use a Pendulum

How to Use a Pendulum

Here is an example on how to use a pendulum.


citrine pendulum for article how to use a pendulum



Dowsing with a pendulum is a method of divination to obtain a simple YES or NO answer or response to a specific question made verbally or silently via thought.

The positive or negative response  obtained from  a pendulum is the 3rd dimensional visualization of information transmitted to the conscious mind from one’s higher-self or soul, or one’s sub-conscious mind or from higher consciousness.



Hold the pendulum in a manner you feel comfortable with which is usually your dominate hand. See the photograph above for an example. Connect with your soul or higher-self and ask to be shown which movement indicates a YES or positive response and which movement is a NO or negative response.

For example a YES, or positive response, could be the movement of the pendulum in an anti-clockwise direction and a NO, or negative response,  could be  the movement of the pendulum in a clockwise direction.


Pendulums can be used for choosing a certain crystals, either for oneself or when choosing crystals for others during a crystal healing session. Pendulums are also used during a crystal energy healing session to indicate whether energy is flowing through a particular chakra or within the various energy fields or subtle bodies.

Many pendulums are carved crystals and should be cleansed and activated before use.