Inner Vision and Energetic Activation
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Physical Ailment
  • Brain Injury
  • Nervous System
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Higher Dimensions
  • Initiation
  • Inner Vision
  • Light Body Activation
  • Psychic Ability

Phenacite is a beryllium silicate. Its appearance can vary from clear and transparent to cloudy whitish or grey.

The frequency of Phenacite connects to the third eye and crown chakras. It stimulates energetic pathways allowing high vibrational energy to be integrated within one’s energy fields. This raises one’s vibrations to activate and access higher levels of consciousness and the higher dimensions to bring forth guidance and understanding.

This crystal activates one’s inner vision, intuition and psychic abilities. This high vibrational crystal helps one with spiritual initiations and spiritual growth by activating one’s Light Body.