Pure Vibrations Spray Essences

Energetic Support and Positive Vibrational Alignment

Pure Vibrations Spray Essences have been specially created to offer an instant energetic support to help you maintain a positive vibrational alignment, regardless of what challenges you are facing. Pure Vibrational Spray Essences work very quickly when sprayed into your energy fields and are especially helpful at times when you do not feel centred or are temporary “out of balance”.

To be able to maintain balance and harmony within our energetic systems is very important in the intense, changing world of today. All our thoughts and feeling contribute to the “collective reality”, so those of us who are “awake and aware” have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the alignment of a future of positive experiences.

There is a need for the “balancing of polarities” as most of us still live our daily lives governed by “polarity consciousness”, however the higher vibrational frequencies of “unity consciousness” are now available to use to create a different way of thinking and living. An experience of polarity is in fact just the opposite extremes of the same energy. Once we are able to perceive that the opposing side of this energy are in fact equal and relevant we are able to find the point of balance between the two extremes. Although this is a challenge to many of us at present as we can still be easily “triggered” and become out of balance and alignment. These Pure Vibrational Spray Essences are designed to offer a level of support for those seeking to create inner balance and alignment.

These sprays are an excellent choice for an “energetic quick fix” to those who have difficulty taking deep acting combinations of vibrational essences internally for any length of time. This range of Pure Vibrational Spray Essences are preserved with Brandy and Rose Water, the Rose Water adding a wonderful, subtle scent to the essence combinations.

How to Use Pure Vibrations Spray Essences

Liberally spray into you energy fields for a speedy and effective re-alignment of your energy, or use over time to support transformation on a more permanent basis.

Pure Vibrations Essences can also be taken internally. Spray once onto the tongue as required.


Take at least ten minutes away from food or drink.