Protective and Stabilizing
Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Third Eye
Physical Ailment
  • Brain Function
  • Circulatory System
Emotional Issue
  • Negative Emotional Patterns
Spiritual Connection
  • Polarity - Balance
  • Protection - Environmental
  • Protection - Negativity
  • Protection - Psychic

Schalenblende, or Shell Ore, is the name given to a combination of metal ores comprising of creamy/yellow Sphalerite (possibly Wurtzite) a zinc iron sulphide mineral, metallic grey/silver Galena, a lead sulphide mineral with possibly containing elemental silver, and metallic grey/black Marcasite, an iron sulphide mineral whose chemical composition is the same as Pyrite but whose atomic structure is different.

It has characteristic intricate patterns of alternating layers/banding of creamy/yellow/brown and metallic grey/silver, and is extremely heavy due to the high lead content.

The frequency of Schalenblende connects to the Earth star and third eye chakras. It helps to stabilize and centre one’s energies and to align one’s energy fields. It has strong grounding and protective energies, helping to protect one from negative energies directed towards one or within one’s environment.

The energy of Schalenblende supports one emotionally with self limiting belief patterns, gives one insight so that one is able to change their energy. It helps to connect one to higher dimensional energies so that one has an awareness of “all that is”, and is supportive during Shamanic practices.

The metallic elements contained within this combination stone help to balance polarities within one’s energy fields and with one’s circulatory system and brain function.