Associated Chakras
  • All The Chakras
Physical Ailment
  • Physical Wellbeing
Emotional Issue
  • Self Discipline
Spiritual Connection
  • Self Mastery

Sillimanite is an aluminium silicate mineral named after an American geologist Benjamin Silliman. It is  also known as Fibrolite. It is off white/grey coloured with a silky fibrous striated growth habit.

The frequency of Sillimanite connects to all of the chakras.

Sillimanite  stimulates, energizes and strengthens all of the chakras, bringing the energies of each chakra into alignment so that energy is able to flow freely throughout one’s chakric system. Thus aiding with one’s physical well-being.

The energy of Sillimanite helps one to become and remain focussed, bringing one’s thoughts, intentions and actions into alignment and thus aiding one with self-discipline and one’s self-mastery.