Heart Centred Awareness
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
Emotional Issue
  • Acceptance
  • Emotional Negativity
  • Joy - Emotional
Spiritual Connection
  • Empathy
  • Heart Centred Awareness

Thulite, or Rosaline is a calcium, manganese, aluminium hydroxy sorosilicate and is a member of the Zoisite group of minerals. The range of its pink colouration is from pale pink to a deep rose pink depending upon the concentration of Manganese, it can also have a silky or sparkly lustre.

The frequency of Thulite connects to the heart and third eye chakras, allowing one to have a heart centred awareness and to bring this loving awareness to one’s outlook, so that one can see the higher perspective of any emotional experience.

This crystal brings a joyful energy to one’s emotional body, helping to dispel emotional negativity.

Thulite helps one to be accepting and have an empathy for others within one’s relationships and interactions.