Thunder Egg

Thunder Egg
Safe and Secure in Physical Vehicle
Thunder Egg
Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Base Root
Physical Ailment
  • Balance and Stability
Emotional Issue
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
Spiritual Connection
  • Joy

Thunder Egg, also know as Amulet Stone, are mainly spherical-shaped stones that were formed when silica rich minerals replaced gases trapped within an outer shell of cooled molten volcanic lava. They often have star-like internal patterns where the outer shell cracked open to reveal the inner silica rich core.

The frequency of Thunder Eggs (Amulet Stones) connects to the Earth star and base chakras, allowing one to feel safe and secure in one’s physical vehicle, and assisting one to nurture oneself and to feel comfortable in one’s present incarnation.

The energy of Thunder Eggs  (Amulet Stones) helps one to align to,  and be in resonance with, Mother Earth. They help one to remain grounded and align one to the magnetic core of the Earth.

Thunder Eggs can help to dispel negative emotional patterns of anxiety, stress and fear replacing them with the higher vibration of joy.