Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Heart
  • Crown
Emotional Issue
  • Emotional Balance
Spiritual Connection
  • Integration
  • Manifestation
  • Soul Connection

Triplite is a rare manganese iron fluorohydroxide phosphate mineral often found in association with other phosphate minerals such as Wagnerite a magnesium iron fluoro phosphate mineral. Triplite is translucent to opaque and red/brown to salmon pink in colouration.

The frequency of Triplite connects to the base, heart and crown chakras, and via these chakras is helps the energy of the physical, emotional and mental bodies to connect and integrate so that one is connected on all levels of one’s being. Thus one’s consciousness is opened and connected to the higher dimensions on a soul level aiding one in the “knowing” and “awareness” of “Universal one-ness”.

The energy of Triplite allows one to be able to manifest that which is from one’s heart for the good of oneself and others. It helps one understand that we are all connected and that by helping oneself one is also helping others and vice versa.

When found in association with Pyrite and or Wagnerite the energies combine to further offer one insight into dualities, shielding from negativity and to help one manifest that which is “perfect” for one’s growth.