Tibetan Quartz

Spiritual Protection and Purification

Tibetan Quartz, or Black Tibetan Quartz is a variety of Quartz (silicon dioxide) that usually, but not always, contains black inclusions and forms as double terminated points. It is found in the Himalaya mountains of Tibet and Nepal.

The frequency of Tibetan Quartz connects to all the chakras, activating, aligning and balancing one’s energy centres and energy fields. It cleanses one’s energy fields of negativity, purifying and energizing the whole of one’s being.

Via the connection to the upper third eye and crown chakras, Tibetan Quartz  opens and awakens one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions and to the vibratory energy of one’s higher self, helping to ground this energy via the Earth star.

The energy of Tibetan Quartz fills one’s energy fields with high vibrational energy so that an energetic, bubble-like “shield of Light” is formed offering one spiritual protection from any negativity.

Tibetan Quartz aids one with one’s physical wellbeing by helping one to acknowledge and release negative energetic patterns that could cause physical issues.

Associated Chakras
  • All The Chakras
Physical Ailment
  • Nervous System
Emotional Issue
  • Negative Emotional Patterns
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Higher Dimensions
  • Purification
  • Spiritual Protection