Inner Vision and Awakening to Higher Truths

Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral. The main colour is white but it can be found in grey, brown, brownish red or brownish/orange.

The frequency of Magnesite connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras.

Magnesite activates the third eye chakra opening one’s consciousness to allow for increased inner vision, and can aid one with one’s psychic abilities

It opens and activates the crown chakra so that one may connect to the higher dimensions to receive guidance and knowledge, thus awakening one to higher truths so that one may move forward.

Its energy of Magnesite is supportive and balancing to one’s emotional energy, helping one to release negative emotions such as stress so that one may be able to express oneself emotionally.

Through the connection to the heart chakra Magnesite brings a heart centred awareness to one’s thoughts and actions.

Associated Chakras
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Emotional Issue
  • Emotions - Balance
  • Stress
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Higher Guides
  • Inner Vision
  • Psychic Ability
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