Emotions and Clarity of Thought

Mica or Muscovite is the name given to a group of potassium aluminium silicates whose colour ranges from grey/white, gold/yellow, green/yellow, red/pinks/ violet and brown to black depending on the included elements. All Micas have a characteristic lustre or pearlescence and “plate-like” structures that flake easily.

Yellow/gold Mica contains Iron
Green (Fuchsite) Mica contains Chromium
Pink/violet Mica contains Manganese
Black (Biotite) contains Iron and Magnesium
Lilac/pink (Lepidolite) contains Lithium

The energy of Mica helps to remove stagnant energy or blocks and to help stabilize one’s energy fields. It supports one so that one can view all aspects of one’s life’s experiences from “higher perspective” and act accordingly.The frequency and chakra connection of the individual Mica varies according to its specific colour frequency.

Biotite connects to the base and third eye chakras for grounding one’s highest thoughts, feelings and emotions

Fuchsite connects to the heart chakra for emotional balance and following “one’s heart’s desires”

Golden Mica connects to the solar plexus, third and crown chakras for mental clarity and willpower

Lepidolite connects to the heart and third eye chakras for calming one’s emotions and emotional balance

Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Sacral
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
Emotional Issue
  • Emotions
Spiritual Connection
  • Higher Perspective
Fuchsite In Quartz Cluster 3
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Fuchsite Pendulum
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Mica Green Tumblestone
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Mica Red
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Mica Red 1
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